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Getting fit for the spring!

So here we are again… spring is here and, all of the sudden, we realize that soon we will be wearing shorts, tank tops and bathing suits. It sounds exhilarating after the winter months, however for most of us this means that we will have to get back in shape… which isn’t always easy!

Luckily we live in a place where exercising and keeping fit is easy, thanks to the fact that we have so much to do in the area!

First of all, I’m trying to use my car less and less. With PubliBike that’s quite convenient: I don’t even have to own a bike, I can just rent one from one of the automatic stations (open 24/7) whenever I need it or whenever I simply feel like taking around by the lake.

I also started planning out some walks and hikes to enjoy during the weekend: the first one will definitely be the San Salvatore to Morcote (because it’s all downhill!), but then I will also try some more demanding ones, like walking up Monte Brè and also climbing up to Monte Bar.

And then, of course, I will take advantage of the lake, as soon as its waters warm up a tiny bit more! I have never tried stand-up paddle, but I’m definitely going to do it this spring: it looks like a fun sport, very easy to practice for someone who lives across the street from a gorgeous lake, such as Lake Lugano!

Finally, there is always that crazy idea of mine of trying the 3-day long Lugano Trekking. But that’s another story… we’ll see if I get to do it this summer!


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