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Celebrating summer around the lake

Summer is almost here. And although it doesn’t officially start until June 21st, when you live in Ticino it unofficially begins much earlier: on May 1st the Lidos open up for business, which means that most of us start feeling as if on vacation without leaving home. An after work drink by the lake? Sure! A Saturday in the pool? Why not! A Sunday cocktail in the sun? You bet! Get ready: another summer of fun is about to start on lake Lugano!

Lido di Lugano: A great classic, the Lido di Lugano had been entertaining the population since 1928. The indoor pools and restaurant are opened year round, but on May 1st the outdoors pool and bar will open their doors for yet another season of fun by the water.

Lido di Caslano: A “classic” in the Luganese, the opening of the Lido di Caslano attracts the younger crowd every year. The party is definitely something to write home about, as the lido gets swarmed by a pretty hip crowd looking for the first party of the season. This year the “Big opening” will take place on Saturday, April 30th, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.: so dig out your bathing suit and sunglasses and be ready to enjoy 12 hours of music and drinks. The best thing about the party is that it happens no matter what, so even if the weather doesn’t collaborate there is some fun to be had!

Lido San Domenico: Looking for something a little more low key? Then Lido San Domenico might be the right place for you. Open from April on, this quaint little lido is off the beaten track and you can find it taking the Sentiero di Gandria from Castagnola (http://www.luganoturismo.ch/en/149/sentiero-dell-olivo-.aspx?idActivity=653&idMod=546). The patch of grass is small, but has unparalleled views and guarantees a certain peace and quiet. Bonus: for the whole month of May you can sunbathe for free.

Lido Riva Caccia: With is chic, vintage feel, Lido Riva Caccia might be Lugano’s “lesser” lido, but it has a great atmosphere, perfect for relaxing without having to go too far from the town center. Opening on Sunday, May 1st, Lido Riva Caccia promises another season filled with sun and fun, with live music, events and all kinds of surprises – and of course cocktails and food served on the floating platform on the lake.


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