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When thinking about Lugano and the surrounding area, we might ask ourselves: what is Lugano really like? What is the heart and soul of the city? Could it be the lake? Walks on Monte Bré? The market in Piazza Riforma? Morcote? Shopping on Via Nassa? Perhaps all of the above? Or maybe completely different ones?

Just as the seasons are constantly changing, year in and year out, so people, spaces, customs and just about anything else we can think of are also always on the move.
This blog is all about following these developments, commenting on them and describing them from different points of view to those who visit us regularly, to those who live here and to those who haven’t been here yet. Three people with different personalities and backgrounds will provide their own interpretations, helping you rediscover or introducing you to the places, people and events that bring Lugano and the surrounding area to life.

This blog will be a place for talking about Lugano and presenting the city in the form of photos, words, audiovisual products and much more. Follow Federico, Catherine and Ruth in the blog and via social media.

We hope you will enjoy discovering how and why our region is so unique.

Julie Arlin

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